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We create professionally designed, custom wedding magazines using your wedding photos. Think how much you invest in your wedding photography. You might post some online, you may hang a few around the house, but what happens to the rest of them? Invest in a sleek and modern Gorge magazine which will sit comfortably on your coffee table or in your magazine stand. 

Looking through wedding photos for many is a daunting thought, 1000+ photos. Just send your full electronic album to Gorge and we will do the rest. Confidentiality is an important value at Gorge, you can ensure your photos will be kept safe. Throughout the process you can be as involved as you wish with regular updates before we hit the print button. 



Designed and Printed in New Zealand

Quality & Practicality 

We have worked hard to keep the costs down while still ensuring the paper used in our magazines is of a very high quality. We print on eco-friendly archival paper which is acid free. This type of paper is durable and with care can be expected to last for up to 100 years.

We guarantee you'll love it, we offer design revisions and we will not print unless your 100% sure you love it.

Your names will look gorgeous too, we have access to a large library of fonts, including stunning handwritten styles.

Your special day will be one of the highlights of your life. Wouldn’t you want it to be presented in the best way possible?



''Maybe you were thinking of how you could thank the loved ones who truly contributed significantly to your special day? ''

Gorge magazines are the perfect gift for  family members and friends, these are the people who would absolutely treasure a gift as special as this. 

The more copies you order the cheaper they become!!

Do you know someone getting married? 

Check out our gift vouchers page and enquire to our team at Gorge.