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Creating Custom Wedding Magazines

Creating Custom Wedding Magazines

Creating Custom Wedding MagazinesCreating Custom Wedding Magazines

Frequently asked questions

What are the dimensions of the magazines?

210mm wide x 280mm high

Thickness of the magazine is just under 10mm.

120 pages + cover pages

magazine options

 We offer three styles of magazines to choose from, they are captivating, there may be one style that compliments your wedding photos the best, which is why we offer three styles of magazines. See our orders page for more information about the different styles.

How do we select your photos?

 We will design your magazine in a way that really enhances your photos. To ensure that we include all the family/friend group photos in the magazine that you want, we will ask you for a list of image numbers at the beginning.  

Can’t decide on what magazine style to go with?

 It’s ok if you can’t decide what magazine style to go with, just let us know in your order. We design multiple cover page options for you, so you can decide if you want those extra touches, such as the metallic foiling of your names and the special matte laminate. We will always recommend what suits your story the best. In the end, it all really depends on what look you want to go for. 

No matter what, we will always ensure you love your final design before we hit print. 

What size do my photos need to be?

A professional photographer will provide you with print quality photos, these are the photos we need to create your magazine. They usually range from 2MB to 7MB in size. We use a file transfer site to receive your lovely photos. Instructions will be provided to you when you make your order - and don't worry they are easy to follow.

Struggling to upload photos

If you are struggling to upload your photos through our file transfer site because your internet is running slow. You can send us a USB with all of the print ready photographs. Email us to organise a plan

Can I print my own magazines?

All designs are owned by Gorge and only Gorge has the rights to printing. Design proofs will be watermarked to protect the rights of Gorge. Customers can purchase as many printed copies as they wish.  We even store your design for up to 7 years in case you wish to print further copies.

Can I have Speeches, Vows & Quotes included?

Speeches, vows and quotes are an amazing way to personalise your magazine and cherish special moments. All magazines can include text options dependent on the size of the magazine. If you have a special request we would love to hear from you.

How many photos do I need ?

The more photos you have, the more selection we have to build your magazine. We recommend sending us 500+ photos to work with. Send us your entire collection and we will work our way through them,  meticulously selecting what images to use.  We tend to put in approximately 220 – 350 photos, all depending on your photos and what design will compliment them the best.